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Longtime Biopharmaceutical Co., LTD. (formerly known as Nanhai Longtime Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.) was founded in April 2003 by Nenking Group Holding Group Co., LTD and Academician Li Xiaokun. Located in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, with a total area of 44 acres, Longtime Biopharmaceutical is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of biological drugs, medical devices and skin care products. Since its establishment, the company has focused on exploring the application fields of growth factors, and is committed to realizing the industrialization of growth factor applications. At the same time, it has continuously absorbed domestic and foreign research results and latest technologies related to growth factors, and has led a series of research on innovative application fields of growth factors. After unremitting efforts, Longtime Pharmaceutical has been identified as the national high-tech industrialization demonstration base, Guangdong high-tech enterprise, Guangdong cell growth factor research and development engineering technology research center, and Guangdong postdoctoral innovation practice base.

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The main business of Longtime is the research and development and production of drugs, medical devices, skin care products and other products. Since its establishment, the company has received strong support from government departments at all levels. Among them, it has won two science and technology projects of National Development and Reform Commission ("National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Base", "Pilot Project for Regional Agglomeration Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Guangdong Province") and a number of science and technology projects of Guangdong Province (e.g. "Postdoctoral Innovation and Practice Base of Guangdong Province", "High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province", "High-tech Industry Engineering Project of Ten Key Projects of Guangdong Province", "Engineering Technology Research Center of Cell Growth Factor Research and Development of Guangdong Province", etc.). The company's leading product, Gaifu (Recombinant human Basic fibroblast growth factor for external use), is a national Class A new drug, which has been included in the national 85th, 955th and 15th key research programs and 863 programs, selected as "National Key New Product plan project" and identified as "High-tech Product of Guangdong Province". And won the 22nd National Invention Exhibition "Innovation Award * Project Award" gold medal.

The successful research and development of Gaifu completely subvert the traditional trauma treatment methods, leaping from the original "passive repair" to the precise "active repair". It can not only accelerate the start of the body's wound repair mechanism, actively promote tissue repair, greatly shorten the healing time, but also prevent scar formation, repair the damaged physiological function, and significantly improve the speed and quality of wound healing. In the field of trauma repair (e.g. Trauma, burn and scald, difficult healing wounds, surgery, plastic beauty, national defense, etc.) has a very wide range of applications, at present, the company sales network has been all over the country, autonomous regions, fill the jurisdiction of the city, cover has become more than 1300 hospitals in the country routinely used products, and with its significant effect has been highly recognized by the majority of medical workers and patients.

Science and technology is the primary productivity, and new product development is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises (especially pharmaceutical enterprises). Longtide Pharmaceutical adheres to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, development and excellence", relies on Jinan University, and has horizontal cooperation with many well-known research institutes at home and abroad, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Sun Yat-sen University, Wenzhou Medical University and the University of Hong Kong. Five research platforms have been established, including gene engineering, protein engineering, stem cell engineering, preclinical safety evaluation of drugs, and bio-cosmetic detection. Based on the geographical, financial and institutional advantages of the Pearl River Delta, and adhering to the corporate mission of "reorganizing life elements and serving public health", the research platform has been built into a bioengineering pilot development center, a drug preclinical safety evaluation center and a biocosmetic testing center in South China.

At the same time, the company hired Academician Yang Shengli, Academician Wang Zhengguo, Academician Cheng Tianmin, Academician Fu Xiaobing and other top experts at home and abroad to form the research and development expert Committee, with Professor Li Xiaokun, chief scientist of Lantide Pharmaceutical, as the research president. And has in line with GMP standards of bioengineering pharmaceutical pilot workshop, genetic engineering laboratory, biological cosmetics testing laboratory, standard animal laboratory, for the company to continue to launch new products to lay a solid foundation.